Social Initiatives

Procurement of Materials

The following is an introduction of initiatives being taken at Suruga Production Platform, which is responsible for MISUMI Group’s production.

Procurement Effort by SURUGA Production Platform

At the Procurement Division of SURUGA Production Platform, we have purchased and secured a wide range of components, materials, parts, and equipment for our products that we provide in our Factory Automation, Die & Mold (Press and mold manufacturing), and Optical & Scientific Technology (OST) manufacturing businesses. We will tirelessly seek to procure all the materials and parts, based on our fundamental policy of “Seeking Optimal Procurement.”

Procurement Policy

Transparent Open-Door Policy
In order to ensure procurement of components, materials, parts, and equipment, we have sought appropriate suppliers worldwide fairly and equitably.
In our selection of suppliers, we take into consideration the comprehensive corporate competence, including the organizational ability to make continuous improvement efforts, and the level of technology; along with quality (performance), costs (value), and delivery (scheduled date/ time).

Mutual Trust and Mutual Advancement
We are eager to promote mutual advancement as well as to build a solid relationship of trust through close communication with our suppliers.

Environmental Consideration
By promoting environment-friendly development, design, and manufacturing activities, we will contribute to our society through encouraging ‘green’ procurement to reduce environmental impact.

Regulatory Compliance and Maintaining Confidentiality
We promise to comply with laws and regulations related to procurement and take full measures to keep the information we collect confidential.


EC website for FA/ Die components, Tools/ MROs etc. Including MISUMI, the number of domestic and overseas manufacturers handled, surpass 3000 companies. Free shipment from even one item order, by way of reliable quick delivery.

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